An Adam Wolf Thriller (book 1)


Vigilante Justice


Resurrected An Adam Wolf Thriller crime Amazon bestseller novel Steve Trotter author

“… a fun and hard to put down thriller, very much recommended.” – Midwest Book Review

 “…one of the better thriller protagonists I’ve read in a long time.” – Indie BookSpot

“… fast-paced thriller in Joe Pike/Jack Reacher style.” 
– Sons of Spade

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When Adam Wolf retires from a killer career (one Uncle Sam would deny existed) and resurrects himself as an author of young adult books, he soon discovers no way in hell is the pen mightier than the sword; not when the mob slaps a verbal contract on your head. 

Moments after reluctantly snuffing his 60th birthday candle, Wolf witnesses the snuffing of an ace crime reporter. Wolf's decision to testify against the shooter puts him, and the only woman he’s ever let close enough to imperil, in the crosshairs of a ruthless crime family and their outlaw biker hit men. The one problem his hunters didn’t count on is that their target is no ordinary senior citizen. Wolf is a black ops vet with a bloody backstory he can never tell. A shadow man who knows that at the end of the day, covert actions speak louder than words.


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