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Steve Trotter has written more than two dozen album cuts, including the title tracks on Walter Rossi’s "One Foot In Hell" (Image/CBS) and 6AM’s "God’s A Girl" (MCA Canada). Trotter also wrote and sang lead on the indie “Trotter" EP, featuring Frank Marino, Steve Segal and Kelly Watling on guitars and Nanette Workman on back vocals. 

Trotter is currently creating rock, country rock and blues tunes. Music for “Lonely With You,” Sunrise Kisses” and "Shine A Light Where The Sun Don’t Shine” was tracked at Beaird Music Group, Nashville. “COVID-19 Blues” and vocals for all four songs were produced in a southern cantina north of the border.

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LONELY WITH YOU song art Copyright 2018 Stephen Trotter
SUNRISE KISSES cover art Copyright 2018 Stephen Trotter
SHINE A LIGHT WHERE THE SUN DON'T SHINE song art Copyright 2022 Stephen Trotter

COVID-19 BLUES OCT cover art Copyright 2022 Stephen Trotter

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