Steve Trotter has long had a passion for doing the write thing. Comical classroom essayist. Poet. Staff writer at sensational supermarket tabloids Midnight and Midnight/Globe. Record label publicist promoting artists like Van Morrison, Deep Purple, Velvet Underground, The Everly Brothers, KISS, Tears For Fears, Dire Straits, Metallica. Travel feature freelancer (Miami Herald, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star).

Trotter started songwriting in the mid ’70s. Had his first taste of success in 1980 with his co-write of More Than A Pretty Face on Celine Lomez's Burning LP (Tiffany/CBS).  His first royalty check paid for a custom pair of cowboy boots. Trotter spent much of the ‘80s in those fine boots, on stage singing lead in guitar-driven rock bands, a wild way to get instant feedback on original tunes. The frontman in Kid, Sgt.Rock, Trotter and Foreign Affairs, Trotter & his bandmates gigged in a variety of colorful dives and rock landmarks. Special guested in concerts with Steppenwolf, Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush, Walter Rossi and Midnight Oil.

During this period, Trotter wrote and sang on the Trotter EP, featuring Frank Marino, Steve Segal and Kelly Watling on guitars. With Foreign Affairs, Trotter and Robert Stanley won Grand-Prize in the CHOM-FM L'Esprit '85 Songwriting Competition for I'd Rather Be DancingTrotter also wrote lyrics for a couple of singles and several album projects, including the title cuts for Walter Rossi’s One Foot In Hell (Image) and 6AM’s God’s A Girl (MCA Canada).

In 2004 Trotter decided to write a crime thriller novel. Wound up writing five, four of which became Amazon best sellers. Then one blue-sky morning in the spring of 2015, he awoke feeling driven to return to his musical roots. The reason Trotter now devotes his creative energy to writing songs, some rock, some country, each with a story to tell. In late 2017, Trotter demoed new songs at Beaird Music Group, in Nashville. His goal? Pitch them to the right ears. Keep on writing!

Steve Trotter is a member of NSAI
(Nashville Songwriters Association International)

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